Going out to dinner used to be about friends, fellowship, and, above all, food.  As the world around us continues to move faster and faster, we have abandoned these time-honored traditions for a glowing screen and status updates.  Dinner used to be about discussing the issues of the day, dishing out the latest gossip, or at the very least getting to know someone a little bit better.  What if we helped you get back to a conversation-based dinner…by blindfolding you?

The event and hospitality team at IAMBRAND have teamed up with DJ Royale to bring you X.SIGHT, a dining experience for curious characters.This event has been designed to enhance the present by eliminating one’s sense of sight. Guests will rely solely on their senses of taste, touch, smell, and hearing as they are expertly guided through the dinner experience.  All guests will be blindfolded and seated amongst friends and strangers alike to create an environment of trust and exploration.  Tickets include a three-course meal prepared by Prime Stache Head Chef Hee Chang, so there is no need to worry about reading a menu.  Each course will be paired with a specialty cocktail provided by Stoli Vodka.  In addition to our savory menu, we’ve planned plenty of surprises to help stimulate your other senses throughout the evening.  This is more than a dining experience, it’s an adventure we take together.


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