The Power of Creatives

The power that music has to bring people together can not be overstated. Music in its purest form can bridge the gap between race, age, sex, and economic status. This picture is a testament to what is possible when creative outlets are developed for children at a young age. Who would have thought that DJing would have taken young Dylan (DJ D-ILL) from Philadelphia to the White House at the mere age of 11 to DJ in front of the First Lady? Who would’ve thought that my bedroom hobby of scratching records & breakdancing at age 14 would’ve led to a career in entertainment and more recently the opportunity to connect & educate the youth?

It’s moments like these that remind us creatives how powerful we truly are when it comes to connecting and shaping the world that we live in. In a time of political turmoil and civil unrest, we the artists, have the power to inspire & unify all walks of life.

I’m extremely humbled to have had the opportunity to meet one of the illest First Lady’s of all time, Thee Michelle Obama. If you’re curious, she’s just as cool as you presumed her to be 😉 This is surely a pinnacle highlight of my DJ career and is just one example of the many opportunities it has afforded me. I am extremely thankful to my friend and colleague Cosmo Baker for making this all happen, but more importantly, for allowing me to act as an ambassador for Scratch DJ Academy on a national level. THANK YOU & be sure to check us out here in Philly at @ScratchPhilly #Music #Power #Politics #Arts #Education #DJing #Philly

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