Mural Arts Wall Ball 2015

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Photo with my DJ students & Art Instructors at Wall Ball 2015

Some of you may know that I was recently hired to teach underserved teens through the Mural Arts DJ Program. This was a new program initiated this past year to help Philly teens not only learn a bit of the technical and creative side of DJing, but to expose them to the world of being a creative entrepreneur. This was my first ever experience teaching and I couldn’t have had a better organization to start with. Now although I may have not had the most ideal environment and students to work with while being a novice teacher, this was a great learning experience none the less. I was constantly reminded that it takes hard work and creativity to engage the youth of today, especially those kids who haven’t had the best home and school environments. The annual Wall Ball event is Mural Arts’ pinnacle showcase event for funders and sponsors and brings out the a-listers of the non-profit world. We were asked to prep some of the best DJ students to play mini-DJ sets in front of hundreds of people, and surprisingly my students were more than eager to get on stage. This was really only their second time playing in front of people, so to do it at The Electric Factory and in front of hundreds of people was quite an accomplishment. This event concluded my working term with Mural Arts for the season, but I’m really hoping that this is just the beginning of my teaching endeavors and I truly wish to engage with the youth of Philly, as they are in desperate need of mentors and creative outlets. If you or anyone you know may be interested in supporting this cause or connecting me with someone who may be able to help, please contact me here:

Specials Thanks to Collin from Scratch Academy, & Joseph, Monay, and Ellissa from Mural Arts.

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